Company Update and at The Market this week

 A quick update for Sweet Nothings fans......


I'm proud to welcome another part time employee to the group to start this fall.  Jessica Davis responded to my Facebook post looking for help and she will be starting this Friday.  Dot Schnering, as some of you know, has already been helping man the booth, and this last week she expanded her duties to help prep ingredients and package.  My mother, Noel Kupras-Bauer, is also working at the booth during the holidays (and I do pay her).


Here's hoping that this additional help will allow me to get a better big picture view of Sweet Nothings' growth and identify next steps in marketing and sales.  It's difficult to do when you're up to your ears in buttercream.  


My goal this holiday season is to fill all of the 1800 bags of Christmas packaging with toffee, sell them all, spread holiday cheer through outstanding service, offer gift options that makes Christmas easier for everyone and more interesting for those receiving them, and have a lot of fun.  


It is officially fall, and no October is complete without pumpkins, appleas, sweaters, and s'mores.   Since I don't knit I can only offer you the other three: 


Pumpkin Mousse Sandwiches: a sweet sandwich made from yeasted cinnamon pull apaprt bread and stuffed with creamy pumpkin mousse.


S'mores sandwich cookie:  a chewy graham cookie with a round of homemade marshmallow and chocolate ganache


Pumpkin Buttermilk Bundt Cake--available in a variety of sizes and by the slice.


also, Lemon Citrine, Chocolate Empress, New and Improved Pistachio Caramel Cake (will include sweet & salty glazed pistachios this time) in a variety of sizes. 


As always preorder or first come first served.  See you there!