Our Mission: To create LUXURY confections and cakes


with tasteable skill, passion, and purity...to BANISH the concept of dessert-regret.


Sweet Nothings is a niche bakery with a distinctive line of confections, cakes, and bars made from scratch with all natural local ingredients. We source our eggs from local farmers, and only use real butter, cane sugar and high quality chocolates in our desserts.   It is our philosophy that food should be food and not a food product.  To that end we never use shortening, corn syrup, margarine, preservatives, or shelf-stabilizers.  We also believe that the American dream still has a place for the little guy. To do our part to help we have partnered with the Life Enrichment Center of Dayton, OH which provides a path to self-sufficiency for Dayton’s poverty-level unemployed.  We hope we can create a better world, one dessert at a time.   




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